Global Trading

The center of Mandrops AG’s domestic sales operations is headquartered in Ebern near Nuremberg, Germany. The facility serves as a support hub for several services including accounts receivable and payable, logistics, customer service, and return processing. This location also houses special packaging projects and products for shipment consolidation.

And of course Mandrops also offers its outstanding Enter Europe services!  Please download our service brochure and contact us for more detailed information.

Mandrops has expanded its customer base through global trading by importing products to Germany from countries such as the USA and Hong Kong and exporting to Europe, the Far East, and America, no matter if your account is a large one or a small one – we serve all!

Information is the key to success in any business. Mandrops helps its customers to lower their costs by enabling them to become more efficient. Staying ahead of the competition means staying on the cutting edge of technology. Therefore, Mandrops will take every single step to meet all its customers’ needs and wishes!

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